VOLspeed - A versatile tuning module with original features


Tuning modules for Yamaha and Bosch e-bikes are offered under the name VOLspeed. The special feature of these tuning tools is that the tuning settings can be easily customised via the control buttons of the e-bike display - without a PC or smartphone. For example, you have the option of increasing the level of maximum motor assistance to a value of your choice; the 25 km/h speed limit is thereby lifted. With the VOLspeed V3 for Bosch, there is also the option to specifically optimise to 32 km/h (Bosch Gen4 error limit). Another original feature is the option to set a so-called "dynamic mode" - in this mode the unpleasant "wall effect" is mitigated, by which is meant the abrupt interruption of motor support when reaching the maximum supported speed. This leads to a considerably improved driving experience. In addition, the tuning can be switched on or off at any time via the e-bike display. Another plus point: even when tuning is active, the correct speed is shown on the display. As you can see, the VOLspeed Tuning Chips are extremely versatile tuning modules with which you can optimise the riding characteristics of your Bosch or Yamaha e-bike in many ways.

Like other tuning modules, the VOLspeed tuning module must be attached to the motor. This is done absolutely non-destructively, no cables have to be modified or destroyed. According to the manufacturer, installation should take no longer than 15 minutes. After installation, the tool is no longer visible from the outside.

VOLspeed V4 - The latest generation

The VOLspeed Tuning Modules of the fourth generation can do everything that the previous versions could do (cancelling the speed limit, correct speed in the display, dynamic mode, etc.). However, there are a number of new functions that make this tuning tool even more comprehensive, e.g.:

- Engine support can be individually set in the individual driving levels. Even while driving, you can easily switch between the alternative and standard modes.
- Plug & Play: The tuning can be used immediately after plugging it in, no complicated setup is necessary.

So far, VOLspeed V4 is only available for various Bosch e-bike drives.

VOLspeed Tuning Modules are available for:

VOLspeed V2 for Bosch Smart System (BES3)

VOLspeed for Bosch Smart System (BES3)

VOLspeed for Bosch Smart System with FREE Finn smartphone holder

VOLspeed V4 for Bosch Gen2, Gen3 & Gen4

VOLspeed V4 for Bosch Gen2, Gen3 & Gen4 with crank puller and holder

VOLspeed V4 for Giant Syncdrive Sport / Pro / Life / Core

VOLspeed V4 for Giant Syncdrive Pro2 / Sport2

VOLspeed V3 for Yamaha (Haibike) Powerdrive PW-X / PW-X2 / PW-SE / PW-ST / PW-TE / PW-CE

VOLspeed V3 for Yamaha PW-X3 (Haibike)

VOLspeed for Yamaha Powerdrive

VOLspeed for Yamaha Giant Syncdrive 2017/2018