Here you can find e-bike tuning products for Pendix eDrive motors. The Pendix eDrive system is a retrofit kit that can be used to upgrade conventional bicycles to real motorised e-bikes. The Pendix system has the advantage of being compatible with virtually all types of bicycle frames and gears. It can therefore be used with almost all bicycle models.

In the meantime, there are already several versions of the Pendix eDrive kit, e.g. the "eDrive300" with 300 Wh, the "eDrive500" with 500 Wh, etc. The latest Pendix generation is a gearless mid-motor with a convincing torque of 65 Nm.

Unfortunately, there are only a few tuning tools for these special retrofit kits so far. However, we do recommend the Badass Box for Pendix e-bike drives, with which you can at least make Pendix bikes with the "old" sensor faster. If other recommended tuning solutions for Pendix e-bikes come onto the market, you will also find them here in our shop!

Badass Box 4 for Pendix

TYPE: Pendix

VENDOR: Badass Box

Attention, the new Pendix sensor (second picture) is not compatible! Badass Box 4 for Pendix e-bike drives Ride without limits and finally enjoy the full potential of your e-bike - this tuning tool makes it possible! The optimised version of...

154,00 €
154,00 €