Mountain Tuning Tool

Mountain Tuning Tool (MTT) - Optimal tuning for Rocky Mountain Powerplay engines and more

Mountain Tuning Tool (MTT)

With the MTT, a superior software tuning product is on the market! The MountainTuning Tool (MTT) optimises the Rocky Mountain Powerplay motor and removes the preset speed limit. To do this, the amperage can be increased from 20 to 22 A, which corresponds to 10% more power. This means a peak power output of 1056 watts. You can remove the MTT after use, or alternatively you can use the tool instead of the iWoc control. You can also have both (iWoc and MTT) on the handlebars and quickly switch as soon as you ride outside the STVO (or come back in). When in use, the current speed is shown on the MTT's display. Thanks to the very extensive optimisation options, MountainTuning is the most comprehensive e-bike software tuning product ever.

Apart from the use as a display, you can make the following changes with the Mountain Tuning Tool:

A) Set the level of maximum motor support individually,

B) Increase the amperage (from 0 gradually up to 20 A and, via 21, up to 22 A),

C) Adjust the wheel circumference to the millimetre, or

D) Change the display from Km/h to mph.

E) 50 percent more motor assistance (torque) for even stronger acceleration.

F) Calibration via MTT

G) Automatic switch-off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

H) There is now a temperature display at the top left of the display.

The MountainTuning Tool (MTT) is available exclusively in our shop. If you have an older MTT, you can purchase an update.

For the newer Dyname 4.0 engine we have a powerful MTT module with original connectors.


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