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Here we present all the important e-bike motors which can be tuned with products from our shop:

Tuning for Bosch Gen4 2022 (Bosch Smart System 2022)

With the new Bosch Gen4 2022 e-bike drive system (BES3), sometimes also referred to as "Bosch Smart System 2022" or simply as "Bosch Gen5", Bosch is exploring completely new territory. It is a smart, closed system that consists of various interconnected elements: Namely the eBike Flow app, the Kiox 300 on-board computer, the LED remote control unit and the powerful PowerTube 750 battery. For the drive unit, Bosch relies on the proven Bosch Gen4 motor, which offers an extremely powerful performance of 85 Nm. The system is continuously optimised through regular Bluetooth updates.

In short, with the Bosch Gen4 2022 drive system, Bosch finally wants to advance into the digital e-bike future. Since there were various changes in the new system (e.g. in the connections), the previous e-bike tuning tools for Bosch Gen4 proved to be incompatible, and new tuning solutions had to be developed. The first successes have already been achieved, so that there are now recommended tuning tools for Bosch Gen4 2022 / Bosch Smart System 2022 drive systems, too. 

Products for Bosch Gen4 2022 (Bosch Smart System 2022) in the shop

Tuning for Bosch 2020 (Gen4)  

The Bosch Gen4 e-bike motor with up to 85 Nm caused a stir right from the start. Not only because Bosch motors are market leaders and the motor is very powerful, but also because it was equipped with anti-tuning software ex works. However, this has not stopped tuning manufacturers from realising remarkable tuning solutions after only a short time. According to the manufacturer, the new generation of Bosch e-bike motors offers up to 340% max. drive assistance at 250 watts continuous power and allows assistance up to 120 rpm (cadence). A wide range of riding modes (Turbo/ExtendedBoost (2021) - eMTB/Tour/Eco/Off) and many options in the choice of display (Kiox, Intuvia, Nyon, Nyon2,...) round off this powerful e-bike motor. Of particular interest, of course, was the extent to which the new Bosch Gen4 motor could be freed from the 25 Km/h limit. In the meantime, we offer numerous different tuning products for this motor variant. 

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Tuning for Bosch Active and Performance (+ CX) Line engines (Gen2 & Gen3)

The powerful Performance (+CX) Line drive with its 75 Nm (maximum 85 Nm) has made a big impact with e-mountain bikers. Especially the Gen2 motors are very widely used. The optimised Drive Unit (DU) is a reliable factor off-road and on alpine trails. Thanks to the ultimate "Uphill Flow", even extreme off-road climbs can now be mastered with ease. The Active Line variant, however, has received little attention in the mountain bike sector. Both motor variants basically form the so-called Generation 2 (Gen2) at Bosch and have been in use since 2014. The Gen3 variant does not differ from the Gen2 in terms of tuning. Only the opening of the motor and the size of the chain ring show clear differences, which is why we have combined both motor variants for the sake of simplicity.

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Tuning for Bosch Classic Line (Gen1) motors

The Bosch Classic motor is basically the historical basis for all Bosch motors. The basic idea: "We turn it 180 degrees and build it into a mountain bike" - that was the starting signal for the very successful history of e-mountain bikes. Based on this, Bosch e-bike motors are now market leaders and are installed in very many e-bike brands - including such well-known ones as Bergamont, Bulls, Cannondale, Cube, Diamant, Flyer, Focus, Gazelle, Ghost, Giant, Grace, Haibike, Hercules, Kalkhoff, Kettler, Kreidler, KTM, Merida, Pegasus, Raleigh, Scott, Sinus, Univega, Winora and many more... Ultimately, the Bosch Classic motor was also the starting signal for e-bike tuning, as the need for more power and performance outside of public road traffic increased rapidly due to the rapid spread of e-mountain bikes. The Bosch Classic motor is called the Gen1 motor and was built until 2014. It is one of the few motors that can be optimised by software tuning, too.

Products for Bosch Classic (Gen1) in the shop

Tuning for Yamaha Powerdrive motors

The first Yamaha Powerdrive (PW) engine was launched in 2014. The PW drive attracted considerable attention because it was quite small and light, but nevertheless extremely powerful (continuous rated power 70 Nm). Since then, the Yamaha PW motors have been continuously improved and optimised for specific e-bike types, which is why different variants of this high-quality drive are already available. Particularly worth mentioning is the powerful Yamaha PW-X drive, which came onto the market in 2017 and was specially designed for e-mountain bikes (in the meantime, there is even an optimised successor version, the PW-X2). In addition, there are also Yamaha drive series such as PW-TE or PW-CE, which were designed more for use in the city and which focus on comfort and riding stability. Brand new are the PW-X3 motors with smaller volume and lower weight. By now, there should be a suitable Yamaha PW drive for just about every type of e-bike. Today, Yamaha mid-mounted motors are considered a real alternative to the Bosch e-bike drives, which largely dominate the market.

Products for Yamaha Powerdrive (PW) in the shop

Tuning for GIANT SyncDrive motors

The first SyncDrive drives came onto the market in 2017; they are exclusively installed in Giant e-bikes. The SyncDrive motors are the result of a cooperation between the Taiwanese e-bike manufacturer Giant and Yamaha. To be precise, the SyncDrive drives are based on Yamaha motors, but Giant has equipped them with its own software. A special feature of the SyncDrive drives is the so-called Smart Assist technology, which automatically provides the appropriate pedal assistance, and can be compared to automatic transmissions in cars. There are now various SyncDrive drives that have been optimised for different e-bike types. The Giant SyncDrive Life, for example, is a modified version of the Yamaha PW drive for city e-bikes. The sporty Giant SyncDrive Sport drive, on the other hand, has a high torque of 80 Nm and is therefore ideally suited for touring and trekking e-bikes. The Giant SyncDrive Pro is a real powerhouse, based on the proven Yamaha PW-X motor and specially designed for use in e-mountain bikes. Brand new are the Giant SyncDrive Pro 2 motors.

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Tuning for Shimano motors

The Japanese company Shimano is one of the most important and successful manufacturers of bicycle components and accessories worldwide. No wonder that Shimano entered the booming e-bike market relatively early. As early as 2010, the company presented its first own e-bike drive called Shimano STEPS ("Shimano Total Electric Power Systems"). However, the first version, which was still equipped with a front motor, was not a great success, especially due to the rather low range. Therefore, the Shimano STEPS drive system was completely revised and strongly improved, whereupon the new version of the Shimano STEPS system was launched in spring 2014, but now with a mid-motor and strongly increased range. Now the real success story of Shimano e-bike drives began. In the meantime, there are different versions of the STEPS drive systems, e.g. as a "classic" the light, compact E6000 with a torque of 50 Nm. The E8000 drive, on the other hand, was specially designed for use in e-mountain bikes. Although the E8000 motor is very light (under 3 kg), it has a convincing torque of 70 Nm. The riding experience of the E8000 is said to be very close to that of a "real", non-motorised MTB. The Shimano STEPS drive system consists of different components (e.g. motors, batteries, bike computer), which can be configured by the respective manufacturers according to their specific requirements. It is therefore not surprising that Shimano STEPS systems are now used by many different e-bike manufacturers and in a wide variety of models. In the meantime, the successor to the E8000 is already on the market, the EP8 motor. Compared to its predecessor, it has several improvements - especially the torque has been increased to 85 Nm.

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Tuning for Brose engines

The world-famous German automotive supplier Brose launched its first self-developed e-bike mid-mounted motor in the summer of 2014. Interestingly, a proven steering motor for cars, produced millions of times over, served as the basis. This motor was further developed and specially optimised for use in e-bikes. The result was a highly efficient, yet compact and very quiet e-bike drive. In the meantime, there are various Brose motors that are specially designed to meet the requirements of different e-bike types. For example, there is the Brose Drive C "City Champion", which was designed for use in the city. The Brose Drive T, on the other hand, is primarily a long-distance runner that is also very well suited for cargo e-bikes. With the popular Brose Drive S, particular emphasis was placed on sensitive response and top performance on difficult trails. This powerful drive has 410 percent (!) maximum assistance and an impressive torque of 90 Nm. There is also an exclusive support level with the "Flex Power Mode".

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Tuning for Specialized (Brose) engines

The US company Specialized is not only one of the world's largest bicycle manufacturers, it also produces e-bikes. First and foremost, Specialized is known among experts for particularly high-quality and powerful e-mountain bikes. The "Specialized Levo" model series is very popular, as these are real high-end E-MTBs. The full-suspension "Specialized Turbo Levo" E-MTBs also have a very good reputation. The Specialized "Kenovo" E-MTBs were primarily designed for particularly difficult terrain. All these model series are certainly among the best that the E-MTB market has to offer. Interesting fact: Even though Specialized develops many e-bike components themselves, the Specialized motors are based on the proven Brose motors. For this reason, many e-bike tuning tools for Brose are also compatible with Specialized e-bikes.

Products for Specialized (Brose) engines in the shop

Tuning for Bafang Max Drive engines

The Chinese company Bafang is an internationally active manufacturer of system components for electric vehicles, with the main focus on e-bikes and e-scooters. Bafang produces sophisticated complete e-bike systems, including motors, batteries, HMIs and sensors. In spring 2015, they presented the Bafang Max Drive mid-motor system, which is still very popular today. It is interesting to note that Bafang not only produces mid-mounted motors, but also front and rear motors. Bafang also produces different drive systems that are designed for the special requirements of different e-bike types (eMTB, eRoad, eTour, eCity, eCargo).

Products for Bafang Max Drive engines in the shop

Tuning for Rocky Mountain Powerplay engines

The Canadian company "Rocky Mountain Bicycles Ltd" is primarily known for very high-quality mountain bikes. In 2017, the company presented the "Altitude Powerplay", an E-MTB that combined the excellent riding characteristics of the non-motorised "Rocky Mountain Altitude" MTB with the powerful Powerplay motor developed in-house. According to the company's statement, this was to be the first motorised mountain bike with exactly the same riding characteristics as comparable mountain bikes without motor assistance. Indeed, this E-MTB found many enthusiastic supporters among aficionados. This should be no different with newer models like the Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Carbon E-MTB.

Products for Rocky Mountain Powerplay engines in the shop

Tuning for Impulse motors

Impulse e-bike drives are complete systems consisting of motor, battery and display. The Impulse systems are produced by Derby Cycle Holding GmbH, the largest bicycle manufacturer in Germany and the third largest in Europe. The company's best-known brands include Kalkhoff, Focus, Univega and Raleigh - incidentally, these are also the only e-bike brands in which Impulse drives are installed. The first Impulse e-bike drive was already launched on the market in 2011 - it was actually the first e-bike mid-motor with integrated back-pedal brake ever (this was not technically possible before). Particularly popular is the quiet but powerful Impulse EVO drive, which has a torque of 80 Nm. The EVO Next is particularly well suited for long distances. A modern classic is the Impulse 2.0 drive, which is very well suited for city use with its convincing 70 Nm. In this segment, the Impulse 2.0 is even considered a competitor to the classic Bosch and Yamaha drive systems.

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Tuning for Panasonic engines

For a long time, the e-bike drive systems of the well-known Japanese electronics company Panasonic were among the best-selling in Germany. But even though Bosch systems are now market leaders, Panasonic drives are still able to hold their own on the e-bike market thanks to innovative new developments and good quality. It is interesting to note that Panasonic not only produces mid-mounted motors, but also front engines. The Panasonic drive with front motor is primarily focused on comfort and is primarily designed for daily use in the city (one advantage is that the drive can be combined with a back-pedal brake). There are different versions of the Panasonic mid-mounted motors to choose from. They are 250 W motors, with torque varying from 65 to 80 Nm. With the Panasonic "Rear Mount" mid-mounted engines, the battery is located at the rear behind the seat tube, whereas with the "Front Mount" motors, the batteries are integrated into the down tube in a visually appealing way. Panasonic e-bike motors are mainly used in models from KTM, FLYER (e.g. T series), KETTLER...

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Tuning for FLYON TQ engines

The Haibike FLYON ePerformance drive system was specially developed for use in e-mountain bikes. This high-end series was first launched in the model year 2019 and enjoys great popularity among experts - the system was awarded the "Design & Innovation Award", with the prize organisers even concluding that "with the FLYON series, Haibike is presenting what is probably the greatest leap forward in development since the invention of e-mountain bikes". Outstanding features are a very powerful battery (630 Wh / 48 V) and an extremely strong motor with a torque of up to 120 Nm. While most of the components of the FLYON system come from Haibike itself, the motor was developed in cooperation with the renowned German technology supplier TQ. The result of this cooperation is probably one of the most powerful e-bike mid-mounted motors ever. A special feature is the patented pin-ring gearbox, which offers a lot of power even in the smallest installation space. With this drive, you virtually "fly" over the trails - so the name "FLYON" is quite appropriate. The FLYON ePerformance System is used in various Haibike XDURO model series such as NDURO, ALLMTN, ALLTRAIL & ADVENTR. Here you will find tuning tools to get the best out of your FLYON TQ motor!

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