Specialized (Brose) motors

Specialized motors

In the e-bike scene, the US company Specialized, incidentally one of the world's largest bicycle manufacturers, is primarily known for extremely high-quality and powerful e-mountain bikes. Interestingly, Specialized develops most of the components for its e-bikes itself, but uses motor technology from the German manufacturer Brose for the drive units (although the Brose drives are optimised with software developed by Specialized itself). One reason for this is that, according to many experts, the powerful Brose drives are characterised by a particularly natural riding feel. It is therefore not surprising that many tuning tools for Brose e-bikes are also compatible with Specialzed e-bikes.

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A real classic among the Specialzed e-bikes is the "Specialized Levo" model series, as these are real high-end e-MTBs. The full-suspension "Specialized Turbo Levo" E-MTBs also have an extremely good reputation in the scene. The "Specialized Kenovo" model series includes E-MTBs that were primarily designed for use in particularly difficult terrain. The above-mentioned model series are probably among the very best that the E-MTB market has to offer.

A special feature of the Specialized motors is that they are not equipped with a chain inside, but with a belt. This is why the motors work extremely quiet and with low vibrations. In addition, a complex algorithm that takes into account cadence and speed, among other things, ensures particularly harmonious support behaviour. Thanks to a decoupling of the crank and motor shaft, there is also no increased pedalling resistance in off-mode or at speeds above 25 km/h.

Here is an overview of the most important Specialized E-MTB motors:

Specialized 1.3 Custom RX Trail: 

90 Nm / max. power 450 Watt / support in turbo mode up to 380 % / weight 3.4 kg / used on "Specialized Turbo Levo Hardtail" / based on Brose Drive S.

Specialized 2.1 Custom RX Trail: 

90 Nm / max. power 460 Watt (?) / support in turbo mode up to 410 % / weight 3,0 kg / used with "Specialized Kenevo, S-Works, Turbo Levo" / based on Brose Drive S Mag.

Specialized SL 1.1: 

35 Nm / max. power 240 Watt / support in turbo mode up to 100 % / weight 1.9 kg / used with "Specialized Levo SL".

Can Specialized e-bike motors be optimised?

Yes, by now there is a whole range of highly efficient tuning solutions especially for Specialized / Brose e-bikes. With these tuning tools, the preset speed limit of the Specialized drives can be removed, so that you can finally use the full potential of these extremely powerful drives.

Tuning tools for Specialized e-bikes are available from these manufacturers:

Mountain Tuning (MTT)



Sx2 Dongle

Badass Box