Over the years, Hanover-based Continental AG has developed from a tyre manufacturer into one of the world's largest automotive suppliers. A few years ago, the company presented its first high-quality e-bike / pedelec drive system under the name Continental eBike System (CeBS), consisting of a mid-mounted motor, battery, control unit, display, luggage rack, charger (and recently even with its own app).

With "48V Revolution", Continental was even able to present a real world first - it was an innovative 2in1 solution that for the first time combined a 48V e-bike mid-mounted motor (massive 70 Nm) with a continuously variable 380% planetary gear. In short, it was the world's first fully automatic 48V e-bike drive system with stepless automatic gearing. With this, Continental set completely new accents in the segment of integrated e-bike systems. In the meantime, the Continental eBike System (CeBS) offers two different motor variants - a 36V system and two motor types based on a 48V system. Here you can find tuning tools for e-bikes with Conti or Continental motors.

DoubleDongle for Brose and Conti

TYPE: Brose, Conti

VENDOR: DoubleDongle

DoubleDongle for Brose and Conti motors An innovative tuning tool that scores with a practical double function: With DoubleDongle you can either make your e-bike faster within seconds - or reduce the maximum speed! The DoubleDongle comes with only one...

109,90 €
109,90 €