MBIQ - E-bike tuning solutions for many motors


The product range of MBIQ includes a whole series of attractive tuning solutions for e-bikes from different motor manufacturers. These tools make it child's play to remove the speed limit from e-bike drives. The developers of these tools are always striving to develop and offer tuning solutions for the very latest motor generations and firmware variants.

MBIQ tuning products can be divided into four categories:

Sensor solutions (Bosch, AEG, Giant, Prophete, Yamaha, Bafang and Shimano)

An example would be the MBIQ-S, where you simply have to replace the existing speed sensor with the MBIQ-S Tuning Tool. It could hardly be simpler. When tuning is active, manipulated values are shown in the display from approx. 22 km/h. Customer programmable. Also compatible with Bosch Gen4 and Shimano EP8 engines.

Plugin solutions (Bosch, Yamaha / Giant, Panasonic / Flyer, Shimano STePS, Brose, AEG, Bafang)

One example is the MBIQ-P, where the tuning tool simply has to be plugged in between the speed sensor and the engine control unit. When tuning is active, manipulated values are shown in the display from approx. 22 km/h. This tuning tool is compatible with all common Bosch drives: Active Line (+ Plus), Performance Line (+ CX), even with Bosch Gen4. Not compatible with Bosch Classic Line. Customer programmable. For some time now, the practical MBIQ-P plug-in solution has also been available for Panasonic / Flyer / AEG / Bafang e-bikes and for Shimano STePS pedelecs.

Special solutions (Flyon, TQ, Specialized)

Another interesting plug-in solution from the MBIQ product family is the MBTQ for Haibike Flyon / TQ HPR 120S for Haibike Flyon / TQ HPR 120S motors. This tool must be integrated into the existing line of the speed sensor and is equipped with suitable connectors for this purpose. The speed limit is completely removed.

Also for Brose / Specialized (Levo) there is an attractive plug-in solution, namely the MBEvo that also completely cancels the 25 km/h speed limit.

Kits as universal solutions (for very many e-bike motors)

Here we could mention the MBIQ-CC kit kit - a universal solution for many common motor and sensor types with push-in clamping technology. The MBIQ-CC simply has to be integrated into the line from the sensor, which receives pulses per wheel rotation by means of a magnet (located on a rear wheel spoke or on the brake disc). To integrate, the sensor leads can simply be inserted into the push-in clamp. Compatible with Bosch (also Gen4), Brose, Panasonic, Shimano and other models with 2-wire sensors. When tuning is active, manipulated values are shown in the display from about 22 km/h. Customer programmable. The MBIQ-CC2 opens another kit alternative for many engines.

The µ-MBTK, which also belongs to the MBIQ product family, must also be counted among the universal solutions. This tuning tool is compatible with e-bike drives from a wide range of manufacturers, provided they are equipped with 2-wire sensors (e.g. various Bosch, Brose, Panasonic or Shimano Steps motors). The µ-MBTK is particularly inexpensive, but for the installation of this tool a little bit of craftsmanship is required. This tuning kit must be integrated between the speed sensor and the engine control unit, whereby the original sensor cable must be cut.

All MBIQ products!

An overview of all MBIQ solutions:

Product Variant/Motor Type Description File
MBIQ-P / MBIQ-S Shimano EP8 Manual PDF
MBIQ-P / MBIQ-S Bosch Manual PDF
MBIQ-P / MBIQ-S Shimano Steps E5xxx-8xxx Manual PDF
MBIQ-P / MBIQ-S Yamaha / AEG / Bafang Manual PDF
MBIQ-CC / MBIQ-CC2 -universal- Manual PDF
µMBTK -universal- Manual
- Shimano STEPS Firmware Downgrade-Tool ZIP
MBIQ-P Panasonic Manual PDF
MBIQ-S Ananda / Fischer Manual PDF
MBTQ TQ / Haibike Flyon Manual PDF
MBEvo Specialized / Brose Manual PDF
MBIQ-P PW-X3 / SyncDrive 2 PRO Manual PDF