Powerplay motors

About the Rocky Mountain Powerplay drive system

The Powerplay drivetrain was developed by the Canadian company "Rocky Mountain Bicycles Ltd", which is primarily known for high-quality mountain bikes. Founded in 1981, the company places particular emphasis on perfecting the frame geometry to ensure outstanding handling.

With the "Altitude Powerplay", Rocky Mountain presented its first e-mountain bike in 2017, which scored points with the excellent handling characteristics of the "Rocky Mountain Altitude" MTB, but was additionally equipped with the self-developed "Powerplay" motor. The reinforced motor housing was integrated directly into the frame for increased stiffness. Since the "Altitude Powerplay" has the same geometry and suspension performance as the legendary "Altitude", it is - according to the manufacturer - the first E-MTB that can be ridden like a normal mountain bike.

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Powerplay e-bike motor

The Powerplay drive unit - developed from scratch by Rocky Mountain - scores with a powerful yet compact motor. It is a highly efficient, brushless three-phase motor. The company placed great emphasis on the best possible power transmission & optimal torque, high battery capacity and low-noise operation while keeping the weight low. The peak power is just over 700 W. The low-sitting Powerplay motor ensures a low centre of gravity, which provides for optimal riding characteristics and enables a compact design. An advantage of the Powerplay motor is minimal resistance when the motor is switched off or when maximum power is exceeded. The system offers a total of three support levels and the "walk" mode.

Can the Rocky Mountain Powerplay engine be optimised?

Yes! The number of tuning solutions is manageable, but with the "MountainTuning" Tool (MTT), Powerplay engines can be optimised in many ways. In addition, the MTT can be used instead of the Powerplay controller - this has the advantage that the current speed is shown on the display (the Powerplay control has no display).

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