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About Brose

With over 22,000 employees in 23 countries, the renowned German automotive supplier Brose is one of the top 40 automotive suppliers worldwide. The company manufactures high-quality systems for electric drives, vehicle doors, tailgates and seat structures. When it comes to "electric motors in the automotive industry", Brose is now even the world market leader. It is therefore only logical that Brose Antriebstechnik, a division of the Brose Group, has used its accumulated know-how to develop its own e-bike motors. Brose launched its first e-bike drive in mid-2014. The motor was based on a tried-and-tested steering motor for cars that has been produced millions of times over, but which was further developed and refined for use in e-bikes. The result met the highest quality standards, and in fact it was the first e-bike motor that was truly "Made in Germany". Other Brose motors followed, and today Brose drives are installed in over 30 e-bike brands.

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Brose e-bike motors

Brose exclusively manufactures mid-mounted motors. The Brose drives are considered to be particularly quiet, but at the same time powerful. Brose now produces different motors for different types of e-bikes. All drives are available with a housing made of aluminium or (somewhat lighter and smaller) magnesium. Here are a few examples (as of March 2021):

Brose Drive C - City Champion

Ideal for use in dense city traffic. 50 Nm / max. assistance 280 %.

Brose Drive T - Long-distance runner

Optimal for longer distances, even with many inclines. Also perfectly suited for cargo e-bikes. 70 Nm / max. assistance 320 %.

Brose Drive S – The summit stormer

This drive scores with enormous power, particularly sensitive response and the exclusive "Flex Power Mode" support level. With 410 percent maximum support, it is ideally suited for challenging trails. 90 Nm / max. assistance 380 % with the aluminium version, 410 % with the magnesium version.

Brose Drive TF - Sprinter

For S-pedelecs with assistance up to 45 km/h. 90 Nm / max. assistance 380 % (aluminium version).

Can Brose e-bike motors be optimised?

Yes, there are now a whole range of highly effective tuning tools specifically for Brose e-bike drives, for example from these tuning brands:



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