E-bike tuning manufacturers at a glance

In our shop, we offer selected e-bike tuning tools from well over 20 manufacturers. Over 12 of these brands are available exclusively from us. Here we present an overview of the most important e-bike tuning products:

RedPed: The new tuning dimension for Bosch, Giant, Yamaha and Shimano motors!

RedPed is currently probably the most powerful tuning tool for Bosch Active, Performance, CX or Active Line Plus drives, as well as for Yamaha PW-XE / PW-SE or Yamaha Syncdrive Sport / Pro motors. With correct speed values on the e-bike display and many other features that can be configured via a smartphone app. New is the possibility to optimize Shimano motors (here, however, the halved speed is shown on the e-bike display). The RedPed core functions: Removal of the preset 25 km/h speed limit, individual setting of the maximum speed via app, setting the wheel circumference to the millimeter, activation / deactivation of the tuning directly on the e-bike, setting the visibility of Bluetooth data traffic, using the logbook in the RedPed - E-Bike Tuning App and many other functions. The most comprehensive tuning product for Bosch and Yamaha motors ever! ...more about RedPed

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MountainTuning Tool (MTT): Probably the best e-bike tuning product for Rocky Mountain Powerplay!

The MountainTuning Tool is probably the best e-bike tuning product ever. With the MTT, the maximum speed of Rocky Mountain Powerplay motors can be set to an individual value via software tuning (the 25 km/h speed limit is lifted). Even the amperage can be increased from 20 amps to 22 amps, which is 10% more power. Besides, you can enter the wheel circumference exactly. Of course, you can also reset to the initial configuration. Special feature: The display of the MountainTuning Tool can be used as an alternative e-bike display to the existing iWoc. The best e-bike tuning product! ...more about MountainTuning 

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BluePed: The most comprehensive tuning tool for Yamaha Powerdrive drives - correct values on the display!

Owners of Yamaha Powerdrive motors with LCD / LED display have the privilege of using one of the most comprehensive e-bike tuning tools, the BluePed module. The BluePed module can be individually configured via smartphone and EBT app. All values are displayed correctly, either on the e-bike display or on the smartphone. Furthermore, many additional parameters can be displayed via smartphone and numerous additional settings can be made. The BluePed Tuning Module is a good selling point for e-bikes with Yamaha PW motor. Innovative e-bike tuning for Yamaha Powerdrive motors!

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JUM-Ped: Software Tuning for Bosch Classic, Neodrives and Xion motors as well as BionX hub motors - Unimagined powers!

The JUM-Ped is a sophisticated software tuning product. You connect it to the e-bike, make the desired settings and then disconnect it from the e-bike again. This tuning tool is now available in three different versions.

For Bosch e-bikes with Bosch Classic Line motor, the JUM-Ped makes it possible to cancel the preset speed limit - virtually at the touch of a button and without any tools. However, you can not only cancel the previous km/h limit, but also make further adjustments to your e-bike. Important: The speed and the kilometers travelled are displayed correctly, and you can reset the settings to the initial values at any time. Conclusion: A must for Bosch Classic motors!

If you own a pedelec with a BionX e-bike motor or a BionX conversion kit, the JUM-Ped Vmax Remover Tuning Tool for BionX comes into play, allowing you to gradually increase the maximum speed of your e-bike's motor assistance. This version even gives you the option to set the maximum throttle speed. Other features include the ability to read out the number of charging cycles. Conclusion: Excellent software tuning product!

The JUM-Ped for Neodrives and Xion motors is a comfortable software tuning tool with many features. Of course, the initial configuration can also be restored at any time with this tuning solution. Ingenious e-bike tuning for Neodrives and Xion motors! ...more about JUM-Ped

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GreenPed: The ideal tuning tool for Yamaha Syncdrive Sport e-bikes with RideControl Sport / correct values in the e-bike display!

The Greenped is a highly recommended tuning module for Yamaha Syncdrive C ("Syncdrive Sport") motors with Ride Control Sport. You can access the e-bike via Bluetooth using the Greenped / EBT app. Thanks to the app, the GreenPed offers an unusually wide range of setting options that go far beyond those of other tuning tools. For example, the level of maximum motor support can be set to an individually preferred value. You can also set the wheel circumference individually. It is also practical that you can display numerous useful parameters via the smartphone app while riding, which goes far beyond the scope of what the normal Yamaha display has to offer. Very good e-bike tuning for Yamaha Syncdrive GIANT motors!

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Badass Box: The reliable tuning box - just plug it in and start to ride without limits!

The Badass Box is very popular. With this tuning tool, you can easily optimize or speed up not only Bosch, but also Yamaha, Giant, Impulse, Conti, Brose, Panasonic and Shimano e-bike motors. The tool is now available for around 16 different e-bike drive systems. The Badass Box version 4 is particularly popular and is also available for Panasonic 2-speed motors or Shimano STePS E8000 motors with electronic Di2 shifting. Advantage: Contactless e-bike tuning and extremely easy mounting and dismounting. Also available for Bosch 2020 motors! ...more about Badass

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PearTune MSO: Easy e-bike tuning with activation via the e-bike display!

The PearTune MSO ("MaxSpeed Off") module runs very stably, as it not only completely removes the speed limit of the motor, but can also be switched on and off very conveniently via the display. In addition, this tuning tool correctly displays all values in the e-bike display, e.g. speed and kilometers travelled. It is particularly pleasing that the tool works smoothly not only with Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha motors, but also with Brose e-bike engines. Incidentally, the PearTune module was the first tuning solution for Brose motors where the display continued to show the correct values. The module is now also available for TQ motors and Shimano EP8 engines. ...more about PearTune

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MBIQ: Versatile tuning solutions via plug-in, kit or sensors!

Special sensor tuning for numerous e-bike motors is offered under the product name MBIQ. The tools never interfere with the electronics, but simply trick the sensor. And they do this in different ways: As a plug-in module, as a kit or as a complete sensor that simply replaces the previous one. The products can even be configured via certain wheel movements when the e-bike is started up. ...more about MBIQ

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VOLspeed: E-bike tuning with many functions, adjustable directly on the display!

VOLspeed has taken a completely new approach. It is controlled via the control buttons on the display, without the need for a PC or a mobile phone. You can not only increase the maximum motor support to an individual value, but also set a softer stopping when reaching the maximum speed. All values are displayed correctly, e.g. speed and total kilometers. Other features include a smart remaining range and the option to set a workshop mode. Conclusion: Excellent tuning product! ...more about VOLspeed

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SpeedBox: Correct values on the display and tuning at the touch of a button!

With the new SpeedBox 2 we have another amazing product in our portfolio: Bosch Classic, Active, Performance and CX Line motors as well as Yamaha drives can be easily optimized with this tool. All values are displayed correctly. For Bosch motors, activation is possible via the Walk button, and for Yamaha motors via the Light button. Speedbox 1 is also available for Shimano E6000 or 8000, Impulse 2, EVO & EVO RS and Bafang Max Drive, as well as for Brose & Specialized motors. With SpeedBox 3, a solution has even been created for Bosch 2020 motors! ...more about SpeedBox

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Sx2 Dongle: A practical classic - Plug and Play!

The Sx2 Dongle was the first professional e-bike tuning product on the market. For e-bikes with Bosch (Classic Line, Active Line, Performance Line or CX Line), Panasonic, Yamaha, Brose, Impulse motors, the Sx2 Dongle is still a good choice. With this tuning tool, the 25 km/h speed limit of the e-bikes is lifted. The Sx2 e-bike tuning dongle is relatively easy to install and maintenance-free. One advantage of the dongle is that it can be removed at any time if you want to cancel the tuning.

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sIMPLEk kits and sticks: The first dongle with correct speed indication in the display AND the first dongle to maximize range!

There are different versions of sIMPLEk to choose from: A) The built-in sIMPLEk module, and B) the sIMPLEk Stick, a plug-on tuning dongle. The speed limit is removed, the correct speed remains readable - even with the dongle! Most tuning solutions are available as ready-made solutions ("sIMPLEk PRO" module and "sIMPLEk Stick PRO" dongle), some also as kits. Really original is the sIMPLEk Stick ECOplus - a tuning tool that does not remove the speed limit, but increases the range of the e-bike by up to 20% (this works by reducing the assistance at constant speed). The sIMPLEk tuning tools are available for different e-bike drive systems, e.g. for Bosch, Yamaha, Brose and Impulse. The sIMPLEk module for Impulse motors deserves special mention, as it actually shows the correct speed on the display - this is unique on the market so far. Conclusion: A new and innovative tuning product with unique solutions. ...more about sIMPLEk

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