Bosch Smart System motors

Bosch Gen4 2022 BES3 (Bosch Smart System 2022)

Here you will find tuning tools that are compatible with the Bosch Gen4 Smart System 2022 BES3 e-bike drive system ("BES3" stands for "Bosch development level 3"). Very often, these drives are also referred to as "Bosch Smart System 2022", and sometimes simply as "Bosch Gen5". In any case, it means the same thing. Bosch itself, by the way, simply speaks somewhat vaguely of the "smart system" with which it wants to "advance into the digital e-bike future". Please consult the operating instructions for your Bosch e-bike.

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What components does the Bosch 2022 e-bike drive system consist of?

First of all, it must be said that the main focus of the new Bosch Gen4 Smart System BES3 drive is clearly on smart networking, so it is supposed to be an "intelligent" drive. It is controlled via the eBike Flow app, and regular updates are intended to constantly expand the system and bring it up to date. Even though the Bosch Gen 4 Smart System 2022 drive is equipped with the already familiar Performance Line CX motor, it is something completely new - namely a self-contained system that consists of the following interconnected elements:

Drive Unit

The drive is based on the proven (Gen4) Performance Line CX motor; a real powerhouse with a maximum torque of 85 Nm. In particular, the eMTB mode with its Extended Boost ensures dynamic handling with powerful acceleration, even in tight corners.

eBike Flow app

The control centre and key element of the system. With the app, you can control all functions of the smart Bosch 2022 system. You can also record rides, individualise riding modes, etc. New features and updates are constantly being released and can be downloaded via Bluetooth. This allows you to update and customise the e-bike drive system.

PowerTube 750

An extremely powerful & durable battery designed to master long and demanding tours. Incl. smart battery management system.

4A Charger

With the charger, the Power Tube 750 can be fully charged in just six hours; a 50% charge even takes only two hours.

LED Remote

This fully networked control centre provides the connection between the e-bike and the eBike Flow app. The LED Remote is easy and intuitive to operate. It shows you all the relevant information, such as the riding mode (of course, this data can also be called up via the smartphone app if required). A practical feature is that the brightness of the display automatically adjusts to the ambient light, so that the LEDs should still be easy to read even in strong sunlight.

Kiox 300

More than just a simple display, this is a smart on-board computer equipped with a high-resolution colour display. Since Kiox 300 is located directly on the handlebars, you always have a good view over important parameters (e.g. individual fitness data). Animations and images support the intuitive operation. The Kiox 300 on-board computer should also benefit from regular updates.

Can e-bikes with Bosch Gen4 2022 BES3 / Bosch Smart System 2022 be optimised?

Yes! However, shortly after the market launch of the new Bosch Smart System, it became apparent that the connectors on the motor had changed completely, i.e. the diameter of the connectors on the motor changed. There were also various changes in the firmware. For this reason, previous tuning solutions for Bosch Gen4 are unfortunately not compatible with the new system. Existing tuning tools therefore had to be adapted. One problem, for example, was that suitable plugs were initially not freely available on the market. But the tuning developers were not deterred, so that compatible tuning tools were available surprisingly early. The first functioning tuning solution came onto the market in March 2022, the "sIMPLEk Pro for Bosch Smart System 2022". Further tools followed or are in the works.

Here you can see a selection of brands that produce tuning tools for Bosch Smart System e-bikes:

Mountain Tuning (MTT)