FLYON TQ motors

About Haibike FLYON ePerformance

FLYON ePerformance is an extremely powerful e-bike drive system that has been specially developed for use on e-mountain bikes. This high-end series was first launched in the 2019 model year and enjoys great popularity among e-mountain bikers.

A core element of the system is the specially developed, extremely powerful motor, which was created together with the technology supplier TQ. This is complemented by an innovative operating concept, connectivity and intelligent design. A completely new frame platform made of high-quality carbon was developed for the FLYON systems. With this well thought-out frame, all cables have been routed inside the frame so that unintentional tearing off is not possible. The battery is pushed into the down tube to save space. The FLYON system was awarded the coveted "Design & Innovation Award 2019". In fact, the award organisers even came to the conclusion that "with the FLYON series, Haibike is presenting what is probably the greatest leap forward in development since the invention of the eMountain bike."

The battery is extremely powerful (630 Wh / 48 V) and can be charged directly in the bike or externally. The system also includes a newly designed Speed Sensor Disc, which measures the current speed around 18 times more accurately than other systems on the market. This allows the FLYON system to react much faster and more dynamically to changing demands. This is an advantage when starting uphill, for example, as the system registers acceleration even with the slightest wheel movement. Other highlights of the system are the skidplate, a motor protection made of fibre-reinforced plastic, an intuitively operable remote, the up to 5,000 lumen skybeamer etc.

The FLYON ePerformance System is used on different Haibike XDURO model variants such as NDURO, ALLMTN, ALLTRAIL & ADVENTR e-bikes.

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Haibike FLYON TQ motors

With up to 120 Nm of torque, the motor of the Haibike FLYON system can only be described as a true power pack. While most of the components of the FLYON drive come from Haibike itself, the motor was developed in cooperation with the renowned technology supplier TQ. The result is one of the most powerful e-bike mid-mounted motors on the market, and thanks to the patented pin-ring gearbox, its power is extremely strong despite the smallest installation space. Even mighty climbs are no problem for this high-end drive, you virtually "fly" over the trails - so the name "FLYON" is more than fitting.

Can Haibike FLYON TQ motors be optimised?

Yes, although the Haibike FLYON TQ motors were first launched in the 2019 model year, there are already attractive tuning tools that can be used to remove the 25 km/h speed limit of the drive. Especially with this motor, tuning really makes sense, because only with the right tools can you enjoy the full potential of this enormously powerful drive.

Tuning tools for Haibike Flyon TQ motors are available, for example, from: