RedPed - E-bike tuning in a new dimension


The RedPed module comes from the proven BlackPed product family and offers the following core functions: Freely adjustable motor assistance and speed limit cancellation, all with correct speed indication in the e-bike display. New are the logbook for (optional) each ride in conjunction with the app, as well as many more fine-tuning options for your e-bike (e.g. wheel circumference).

On the smartphone, RedPed offers two convenient speedometer views: Speedo "easy" and Speedo "pro". Depending on the operating system and motor variant, up to 25 values can be read live on the smartphone. In addition, you can set the activation code yourself: This way, you can safely activate or deactivate the tuning on the e-bike without needing your smartphone. In addition, you can define the Bluetooth visibility between the module and the smartphone in the app itself.

Ultimately, the RedPed module is a further development of the popular BlackPed+ module with many improvements - and the correct display of the speed on the e-bike display. In addition, the RedPed module has numerous other functions, which is why it is probably the most powerful e-bike tuning product ever.

RedPed 3 for Bosch Gen4 motors

The new "TROLL MODE" makes it difficult for unauthorized persons to access your e-bike! The RedPed 3 for Bosch Gen4 motors not only optimizes - in addition to the previous Bosch Gen2 & 3 drives - the new Bosch motors, but also includes new original additional features, such as a "Troll Mode". The activated Troll Mode causes the e-bike to turn off after a defined time if the app is not turned on and connected to the e-bike - this makes it more difficult for unauthorized persons to access your bike. At the same time, starting the app is accelerated, and the total kilometers are also tracked - which means that after removing the module, the total kilometers displayed are correct. A special feature that not many e-bike tuning modules are capable of. Thus, the RedPed 3 heralds a new era in e-bike tuning. Meanwhile, the RedPed 2 is also available in a version specifically for Yamaha e-bikes.

RedPed 3 for Bosch released

The new RedPed 3 for Bosch engines has just been released. It also optimizes the engine generations 2, 3 and 4. Extensive changes to the components have been made. An overview of the new features can be found in our blog or in the product description.

RedPed Modules

RedPed 3 for Bosch (Gen2, Gen3 & Gen4)

RedPed 3 for Giant

RedPed 3 for Yamaha (Haibike)

RedPed 2plus for Shimano EP8

RedPed 2 for Shimano E-series

BluePed for Yamaha Powerdrive

GreenPed for Syncdrive Sport with RideControl SPORT

RedPed Manuals

Video Manuals:

E-Bike Tuning Shop Channel at YouTube


Overview PDF (german) (english)

RedPed 3 for Bosch PDF (german) (english)

RedPed 2 for Bosch PDF (german) (english)

RedPed 2 for Yamaha Powerdrive PW-X, PW-X2, PW-ST, PW-SE PDF (german) (english)

RedPed for GIANT Syncdrive PDF (german)

RedPed for Shimano PDF (german) (english)

BluePed for Yamaha Powerdrive PDF (english) (german)

GreenPed for Yamaha GIANT Syncdrive PDF (english) (german)

Tip: First download the corresponding EBT app to make sure that it is running on your smartphone. If this is the case, you can order and install the RedPed module immediately. Afterwards, you have many options to comfortably optimize your bike and can make it slower or faster as needed. By the way: In the app you will find numerous demos and instructions (Attention: in the Android app the default location sharing must always be activated).

Redped - E-Bike Tuning App (EBT2 App) Download:

EBT App im Apple Store
EBT App bei Google Play

Some of the features in the RedPed app at a glance (excerpt):

Depending on the e-bike motor and smartphone operating system, there may be different setting options for your RedPed module in the app. Here we show you an example of the readable values and the possible settings for a Bosch motor with the RedPed module:

1: Name of the module
2: Unique address of the module
3: Maximum speed: reset by long tap
4: Time travelled
5: Average speed: Reset by long tap
6: Crank revolutions per minute
7: Current motor support level
8: Current battery power in watts
9: Rider torque at the crank
10: Current speed: Reset all values by long tap
11: Battery level in percent
12: Rider power in watts
13: RedPed calculated range
14: Rider KCAL
15: Daily distance: reset by long tap
16: Current tuning status
17: Total distance: Adjustable by long tap
18: Theoretical maximum final speed when tuning is active, see manual for setting
19: Tuning is activated when the e-bike is switched on.
20: Tuning is activated until the e-bike is switched off
21: Tuning activation by Walk button (0 to 4 times)
22: Tuning activation by light button (0 to 4 times)
23: Tuning activation by switching back and forth to turbo mode (0 to 4 times)
24: Tuning activation by switching back and forth to Off mode (0 to 4 times)
25: Counter that counts how many times the Walk button has been pressed, turns green when the set number is reached, there is a separate counter for each of 21 to 24
26: Average crank revolutions per minute
27: Maximum crank revolutions per minute
28: Battery percent per KM, averaged over the last 10km
29: Current battery percent per KM
30: Battery watt hours per KM
31: Average battery watt hours per KM
32: Average battery power in watts
33: Maximum battery power in watts
34: Current torque at the crank in Nm
35: Average torque at the crank in Nm
36: Maximum torque at the crank in Nm
37: Current rider power in watts
38: Average rider power in watts
39: Maximum rider power in watts
40: Battery cycles: Reset by long tap
41: See manual
42: Wheel circumference in cm or wheel diameter in inches
43,44: See manual
45: Module name: Maximum 9 characters long

Scope of delivery:

- 1 RedPed module (manufacturer: BlackPed), selectable for one motor system each.
- 1 manual for the app as PDF for download
- The respective instructions for the different motors can be found in video format on the product pages
- 1 Smartphone App for Android or iOS available in the corresponding App Stores (see above)
- Attention: The scope of delivery does not include a smartphone