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E-Bike Tuning 2024 – Here´s how it works:

Step 1:
Find out the exact designation of your e-bike motor:

Step 2:
Find and compare matching tuning products:

Step 3:
Order and install the best tuning product:

Unlock your e-bike to extend the support of the electric motor beyond the 25 km/h limit - or even remove the limitation completely. With some tuning solutions, the electric bike can even be quickly converted back into compliance with road traffic regulations in just a few steps! Some e-bike tuning products and various special tools are exclusive available only from us. Since 2013 we offer the best support so that you can use the full power of your e-bike! Here you will find the most popular tuning products for the most popular e-bikes:

The e-bike motors overview!

Here you can find all e-bike motors where you can unlock the speed limit. For the more popular motors, there are sometimes a wide variety of solutions, while for others there are only individual options to unlock them:

The best e-bike tuning brands!

Many of the listed tuning brands are only available exclusively from us. Some brands offer products for many e-bike motors, while others offer solutions for only a few. In addition, we have developed our own tools. Thus, here you will find the most comprehensive overview on the subject of e-bike tuning ever. We present the best brands here:

There is always something to be tuned!

Legal information:

We explicitly point out that in Germany electric bike tuning products may only be used in private, enclosed areas – for example, for sports and advertising purposes. Electric bike tuning manipulates the speed of your pedelec / electric bike, and this is not allowed in the area of German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). You have to use the tuning products from our shop at your own risk. We accept no liability whatsoever for any current or future damage to objects and/or persons caused by the improper installation/installation and/or use of tuning tools from our shop. Liability, warranty and guarantee claims may be limited or completely cancelled by the use or application of the tuning, as the installation or use of the e-bike tuning results in a modification or manipulation of your e-bike. Even the installation of a larger chain ring can result in the expiry of the manufacturer´s guarantee. If your e-bike has an operating licence, it will generally expire as well. The installation and operation of a tuning product is at the user's own risk. Manufacturers and dealers accept no liability for damage associated with the use of tuning tools. Please always drive carefully, use protective clothing such as helmets or protectors and do not put yourself or others in danger. Talk to your insurance company beforehand to make sure all of your actions are protected in the best possible way. Please also bear in mind that other countries have different legal requirements. This is especially important if you are going on holiday with an e-bike. Please inform yourself in advance about the regional legislation in the country you are in and always comply with the respective legal regulations. Only ride your tuned e-bike where it is really allowed.