Here we have compiled selected tuning tools for e-bikes with SACHS motors. In 2018, the well-known SACHS brand re-entered the bicycle industry with "SACHS Micro Mobility", focusing very clearly on e-mobility. That same year, the company presented its first self-developed e-bike motor, called SACHS RS. With an outstanding maximum of 110 Newton metres, this powerful drive system set completely new standards in terms of performance. This motor delivers high torque even at very low pedalling frequencies, making the drive ideally suited for e-bikes that require a particularly powerful engine, such as e-MTBs and cargo e-bikes. Further advantages are an extremely controlled power delivery and the harmonious support. Already in 2019, SACHS Micro Mobility presented further high-quality motors for different e-bike types. The respective manufacturers have the option of integrating the SACHS motors individually into their vehicles. With the tuning tools presented here, you can remove the preset speed limit of SACHS e-bike motors.

Badass Box 4 for Sachs

TYPE: Sachs

VENDOR: Badass Box

Badass Box 4 for Sachs Sachs e-bike motors are considered to be extremely powerful power packs, but unfortunately the riding pleasure is diminished by the preset 25 km/h speed limit. This is where the Badass Box 4 for Sachs can...

154,00 €149,00 €
154,00 €149,00 €