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About Impulse motors

Impulse e-bike drives are produced by Derby Cycle Holding GmbH, the largest bicycle manufacturer in Germany and one of the most important in Europe. Extremely well-known brands of the company are e.g. Kalkhoff, Focus, Univega and Raleigh Germany. When the first Impulse drive was introduced in 2011, it was the first ever e-bike mid-mounted motor with integrated coaster brake - this had not been technically possible before. At the Eurobike bike exhibition in 2013, Derby Cycle already presented the Impulse 2.0 motor, a further developed and optimised version of the predecessor model. At the beginning of 2014, the new Impulse 2.0 motor was already launched on the market.

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Impulse e-bike motors

Impulse 2.0

As already mentioned, the first Impulse drive caused quite a stir in 2011, as it was the first pedelec mid-motor with coaster brake. Compared to its predecessor, the new Impulse 2.0 system has been improved in many respects, for example braking and shifting behaviour have been optimised. In practice, the coaster brake function should hardly differ from that of a normal bicycle. In addition, the new Impulse 2.0 motor is characterised by even more powerful support (70 Nm) and more dynamic acceleration. A real world first was also the shift sensor technology, which enabled particularly smooth shifting while riding. By the way, the Impulse 2.0 motor is also available in a "Speed" version especially for S-pedelecs with motor assistance up to 45 km/h.

Impulse EVO

With a torque of 80 Nm, the Impulse EVO motor is slightly more powerful than the Impulse 2.0, but nevertheless around 20% quieter. The more powerful drive is particularly noticeable on routes with many inclines. The EVO drive is available in different versions - the EVO Next, for example, is said to be particularly suitable for people who like to ride long tours. The EVO RS motor, on the other hand, was designed for S-pedelecs with support up to 45 km/h. The Impulse EVO drive system is also available with a coaster function.

Thanks to the high-performance batteries (up to 621 Ah) included in the system, the range of the Impulse drive systems is said to be up to 205 kilometres (!) in the lowest support level.

Impulse drives are installed in e-bikes from Derby Cycle's own brands Kalkhoff, Raleigh, Univega and Focus.

The Impulse 2.0 Ergo drive is a real innovation - it has pulse-controlled drive technology, which means that the support is based on the pulse of the rider, so that you can train very effectively.

Can Impulse e-bike motors be optimised?

Yes! By now there are several recommendable tuning tools with which you can make Impulse drives much faster - and even the Impulse Evo motor!

Impulse tuning tools are available from the following brands:


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