GIANT Syncdrive motors

Giant SyncDrive motors

The popular SyncDrive drives are the result of a cooperation between the Taiwanese e-bike manufacturer Giant and the Japanese company Yamaha. To be precise, the SyncDrive engines are based on Yamaha e-bike motors, but have been equipped with software specially configured by Giant. The first SyncDrive drives came onto the market in 2017; they are exclusively installed in Giant e-bikes.

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A special feature of the SyncDrive drivetrains is the intelligent Smart Assist technology. Comparable to automatic transmissions in cars, Smart Assist automatically provides optimal pedal assistance, depending on the riding situation. This means you can relax and concentrate on driving, which leads to a very natural, smooth driving experience.

In the meantime, there are already several variations of the SyncDrive motors that are used in different types of e-bikes, from e-mountain bikes to city e-bikes. It is also worth mentioning that the SyncDrive drives are available with different displays or control units - for example "Ride Control EVO", "Ride Control Charge" (compatible with all GIANT e-bikes from 2017 onwards) and "Ride Control One". Then there is "Ride Control Sports", which is used on GIANT bikes such as Dirt-E, Full-E and Explore-E.

Here is a range of current GIANT SyncDrive drives (as of 2021):

GIANT SyncDrive Life

Designed for comfortable use in the city, the SyncDrive Life drive is used, for example, in Giant Prime E+ bikes. The 250W mid-mounted motor has a torque of 60 Nm. A special feature is the optional automatic support mode, in which special sensors determine the motor support required at any given time, so that fully automatic upshifts or downshifts are carried out as needed. This allows the driver to concentrate fully on the hectic city traffic without being distracted by tiresome shifting. Incidentally, this drive is a revised version of the classic Yamaha PW drive for city e-bikes.

GIANT SyncDrive Core

This drive offers a comfortable, natural riding experience and is very suitable for relaxation and daily commuting. Gear ratios range up to 300%.

GIANT SyncDrive Sport

The GIANT SyncDrive Sport is a 250W mid-mounted motor with a very high torque of 80 Nm. This sporty drive is a real all-rounder that is mainly used on touring and trekking e-bikes (e.g. Giant Quick E+, Stance E+, Explore E+, Toughroad E+). The SyncDrive Sport already reacts to the slightest pedal pressure and is said to offer a very natural power delivery.

GIANT SyncDrive Pro

A true powerhouse, designed especially for use in e-mountain bikes. The SyncDrive Pro motor is based on the powerful Yamaha PW-X and also has 80 Nm. Thanks to a degree of assistance of up to 360°, the SyncDrive Pro is perfectly capable of handling even the most demanding trails. If you do have to push your e-bike (e.g. in mud or mire), a pushing aid with up to 60 Nm provides the necessary support. Thanks to Smart-Assist technology, a very powerful power delivery is guaranteed even at high pedalling frequencies (from model year 2020 onwards). Despite its enormous power, the SyncDrive Pro motor is very compact and weighs only 3.1 kg (the SyncDrive Life & Sport motors weigh 3.48 kg each). The SyncDrive Pro drive is used in particular for the absolute high-performance e-bikes from the GIANT SyncDrive series, e.g. models such as Trance E+, Fathom E+...

Can Giant SyncDrive motors be optimised?

Yes, there are already several recommended tuning tools with which you can easily tune Yamaha e-bike drives and thus make them faster.

Here is a choice of manufacturers who produce tuning tools for Giant SyncDrive e-bike drives:#



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