EBikeSpider - A multifunctional special tool for Bosch e-bikes


The EBikeSpider (www.ebikespider.com) replaces several expensive special tools for Bosch motors that are needed to install various tuning tools in Bosch e-bikes in one handy product. The EBikeSpider is primarily used to conveniently open and close the locking ring on Bosch e-bike motors.

Tip: You can buy the EBikeSpider individually or in a practical bundle with a crank puller. The crank puller can be used to loosen or retighten the pedal crank. The EBikeSpider can be used as a 22 mm spanner to operate the crank puller.

With the EBikeSpider (included with the crank puller) you can:

1. open or close the e-bike motor (Bosch Gen1).
2. open or close the circlip.
3. Use it to change the chainring.
4. loosen the pedal crank.
5. carry out various other operations, e.g. insert the bearing protection ring (Bosch Gen2).

This work is necessary if you want to make various modifications to your Bosch e-bike or install the following tuning tools yourself:

RedPed, VOLspeed, SpeedBox or PearTune.

The EBikeSpider - Crank Puller Bundle provides you with excellent special tools that are absolutely essential when installing the aforementioned tuning tools in Bosch e-bike drives. With the purchase of the EBikeSpider, you also save yourself the annoying trip to the nearest bicycle workshop.

The EBikeSpider covers and does not interfere. If you need a tool that engages the circlip, we can recommend our Thadix Spider Tool, for example.

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