Eggrider by Mountain Tuning for Bafang Engines

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Mountain Tuning: EggRider (V2)

Smart display for Bafang e-bikes

With this unique combination of an intelligent e-bike display and a mobile app, you can improve the riding characteristics and performance of your Bafang e-bike drive. In some cases, tuning is even possible. In addition, very extensive parameters can be shown on the smartphone display while riding. In addition, you can call up riding statistics and adjust riding profiles.

Programming the Bafang parameters is done conveniently via Bluetooth using the mobile app; neither cables nor a PC are needed.

The design of the EggRider display is nicely minimalistic, which makes everything look very clear. The display is equipped with control buttons with which you can - for example - switch the device on and off or change the riding mode.

EggRider - Easy setup

First you need to replace your current e-bike display with the EggRider display.

Download the mobile app.

Connect the display to the mobile app to set up EggRider. The connection is made via Bluetooth.

Now you can adjust or optimise the settings of the motor/controller via the smartphone.

EggRider - Range of functions

Two riding profiles at the touch of a button.

Quick mode switch for quick change between street and off-road mode.

Change riding parameters even while on the road.

Set assistance levels using the control buttons on the display.

Motor programming: Adjust and optimise motor & controller settings and internal parameters.

Tuning: In many cases, EggRider can be used to increase the wattage of the drive. In addition, it is often possible to increase the 25 km/h speed limit so that you can ride much faster with full motor support. However, this is only possible if the respective settings allow it. We therefore cannot guarantee that your Bafang e-bike can be tuned with the help of EggRider.

Data display: The EggRider display clearly shows the most important parameters such as speed, selected support level, riding profile (street / off road), estimated range in km, lights on/off, power, efficiency, distance, battery capacity (in percent and voltage), riding time or optionally time of day.

Learning battery indicator. Possibility to determine the actual battery capacity.

Light and WALK mode can be switched on and off using the control buttons at the display.

Extensive data via the mobile app: Very extensive parameters can be displayed via the app. You can even generate statistics about your rides and have them displayed graphically.

The most important information is already shown on the EggRider display - so it is not absolutely necessary to start the mobile app.

EggRider - Additional info

OLED display with low energy consumption.

Weight: approx. 75g.

Compact dimensions: (L x H x W = 70 x 40 x 25 mm, 31 g, handlebar Ø 22.2 mm).

Connection between display and smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Regular updates.

Dust and waterproof according to IP65.

EggRider V2 Bafang Display - Compatibility

EggRider is compatible with most Bafang mid-mounted motors, provided they are equipped with a UART display connection or UART protocol systems - this means that the product is supplied with the 5-pin Higo socket (see picture above). The socket fits the green 5-pin Higo connector. There is NO compatibility with CANbus display connections.

EggRider is compatible with most Bafang mid-mounted motors, provided they are equipped with a UART display connection or UART protocol systems (no compatibility with CANbus display connections).

Here is a list of compatible e-bike motors:

Bafang BBS01 250W/350W/500W/750W

Bafang BBS02 250W/350W/500W/750W

Bafang BBS03/BBSHD/LUNA 750W/1000W/1500W/2500W/Ludacris

Bafang Ultra M620

Bafang M600

Bafang Max

Bafang MM G320

Bafang MM G330 250

Bafang MM G340

Bafang M300

Bafang M400

EggRider V2 works with voltages between 20V and 60V.

Information on compatibility with other e-bike motors (e.g. MATE X) or controllers can be found directly on the manufacturer's website „here“.

EggRider is not compatible with RadBikes and Rocky Mountain Powerplay e-bikes.

EggRider V2 - Mobile App

The mobile app can only be used in combination with the EggRider display. Available for iPhone & Android.

EBT App im Apple Store
EBT App bei Google Play

Activation: Please enter "ebike tuning shop" and your order number for activation.

Another tip: If you use the mobile app, you can use your smartphone as a larger display in addition to the EggRider display. We can recommend the innovative "Fidlock Vacuum" mobile phone holder for mounting on the handlebar. This is an innovative smartphone mount based on a unique combination of magnetic force and vacuum. Therefore, the holder is not only very stable, it also enables unprecedented ease of movement - for example, you can rotate the attached mobile phone with just one hand so that you can switch from vertical to horizontal format in a flash.

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Comparison of e-bike tuning products




Badass Box

RedPed / BluePed /






Sx2 Dongle


Software (Module)
Box Module Module Module Module (Kit)
Module /
Module /
Range of functions ***** ***** * ***** **** *** *** *** *** / ** *

Easy installation of the tuning

***** ***** **** ** ** ** ** ** / * ** / * *

Invisible after installation

***** ***** * ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** / **** ****

Switching on / off while riding

Gerät, Display
App, Display
(App), Display
Display, Magnet
***** / ****
Display /
Dongle, (Licht)

No more tuning Module at the bike

***** ***** ***** * * * * * * / **** ****

Invisible dismantling

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** / *** ***

Easy dismantling

***** ***** ***** ** ** ** ** ** / * ** / * *

Correct display of km/h

* *****
Display, App
Display, App
* ****


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


* ***** * ***** ***** ***** ***** * * *

Price range in euros

169 to
189 to 299 149 to 154 219 to
159 to 179 139 to
139 to
89 to
89 to
139 to


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Important: Tuning measures on e-bikes and e-scooters mean that they are no longer permitted for use on public roads. Legally permissible use is therefore only possible on private property or - if permitted - in competitions. Driving an e-bike or e-scooter modified by tuning measures on public roads can lead to criminal liability for driving without a license as well as driving without insurance coverage. Tuning measures on the e-bike and e-scooter can lead to a loss of warranty rights and manufacturer warranties. In addition, tuning measures can lead to a loss of insurance coverage and accident victim assistance benefits in the event of accidents. The e-bike (or e-scooter) modified by tuning measures is exposed to an additional load due to the higher speed, which can lead to safety risks.

Eggrider by Mountain Tuning for Bafang Engines

Eggrider by Mountain Tuning for Bafang Engines

159,00 €