MBIQ-P Plug-In solution for AEG / Bafang BBS01 BBS02 motors with Hall sensor (3pin)

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MBIQ-P Plug-in solution for AEG / Bafang BBS01 BBS02 motors with Hall sensor (3pin)

With this practical tuning tool, you can easily remove the 25 km/h speed limit of your e-bike so that you can finally use the full power of your AEG or Bafang drive system. Riding an e-bike is much more fun without a speed limit!

The MBIQ-P is limited in its range of functions to the absolute essentials - the lifting of the speed limit, and nothing else.

This tool is programmable by the customer so that the tuning can be switched on and off as required. The MBIQ-P does not need its own battery.

Please note that the use of tuning tools is not permitted in Germany in the area of the StVO. Please observe the legal requirements in your country.


A great advantage of this tuning tool as a plug-in solution is the extremely easy installation. The MBIQ-P simply has to be inserted between the speed sensor and the engine control unit. For an optimal connection, the tool has been equipped with the same connectors as the existing sensor cable.

The installation is so easy and uncomplicated because this MBIQ-P version has been specially developed for AEG / Bafang e-bikes with 3-pole Hall speed sensors (see photo). This means that the cable end is screwed directly to the sensor itself.


The MBIQ-P works on a microcontroller basis. After assembly, the tool analyses and processes the current speed profile and, if tuning is activated, forwards manipulated values. In the process, speeds above 25 km/h are blocked for the motor firmware. As a result, the preset speed limit is outsmarted and cancelled.

Due to this functional principle, the e-bike display - with active tuning - will no longer show correct values at speeds above 22 km/h (depending on the model, the speed is "frozen" at approx. 23 km/h).

Note: The evaluation of the motor software is not affected by the manipulated values.

Three operating modes

The MBIQ-P is programmable by the customer. You have the option of activating three different operating modes by means of certain wheel movements when the bike is started up (PC or smartphone are not required). This allows you to switch the tuning on and off as needed.

-Tuning permanently activated (delivery status / speed limit is permanently cancelled, no correct speed indication in the display from approx. 23 km/h onwards).

-Tuning permanently deactivated (speed limit is not cancelled, motor support normal up to 25 km/h, display shows real speed).

-Tuning activation after switch-on condition (tuning is activated by the magnet being in front of the sensor for at least 4 seconds during start-up, otherwise tuning is deactivated).

MBIQ-P - Data at a glance

-Speed limit is cancelled completely.

-Programmable by the customer (without additional devices).

-Tuning can thus be switched on and off.

-Connection type: Plug-in solution, the tool is plugged in between the engine and the sensor.

-Display: When tuning is active, manipulated values from approx. 23 km/h.

-The tool is completely maintenance-free.

-No separate power supply/battery required.

-"Anti-Tuning Ready".

-Weight: Only approx. 15g.


This MBIQ-P is compatible with all common e-bikes with AEG / Bafang BBS01 & BBS02 middle motors with Hall sensor (3-pole). These can usually be recognised by the additional LED on the sensor.

AEG (...-Drive)

Bafang BBSxx

Tip: Please note the illustration above and check whether the 3-pole plug connection on the speed sensor looks identical (the sensor is located on the rear wheel).

Compatible with all common motor firmwares of both manufacturers ("Anti-Tuning-Ready").

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Comparison of e-bike tuning products




Badass Box

RedPed / BluePed /






Sx2 Dongle


Software (Module)
Box Module Module Module Module (Kit)
Module /
Module /
Range of functions ***** ***** * ***** **** *** *** *** *** / ** *

Easy installation of the tuning

***** ***** **** ** ** ** ** ** / * ** / * *

Invisible after installation

***** ***** * ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** / **** ****

Switching on / off while riding

Gerät, Display
App, Display
(App), Display
Display, Magnet
***** / ****
Display /
Dongle, (Licht)

No more tuning Module at the bike

***** ***** ***** * * * * * * / **** ****

Invisible dismantling

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** / *** ***

Easy dismantling

***** ***** ***** ** ** ** ** ** / * ** / * *

Correct display of km/h

* *****
Display, App
Display, App
* ****


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


* ***** * ***** ***** ***** ***** * * *

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Important: Tuning measures on e-bikes and e-scooters mean that they are no longer permitted for use on public roads. Legally permissible use is therefore only possible on private property or - if permitted - in competitions. Driving an e-bike or e-scooter modified by tuning measures on public roads can lead to criminal liability for driving without a license as well as driving without insurance coverage. Tuning measures on the e-bike and e-scooter can lead to a loss of warranty rights and manufacturer warranties. In addition, tuning measures can lead to a loss of insurance coverage and accident victim assistance benefits in the event of accidents. The e-bike (or e-scooter) modified by tuning measures is exposed to an additional load due to the higher speed, which can lead to safety risks.

MBIQ-P Plug-In solution for AEG / Bafang BBS01 BBS02 motors with Hall sensor (3pin)

MBIQ-P Plug-In solution for AEG / Bafang BBS01 BBS02 motors with Hall sensor (3pin)

149,90 €