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About BH Bikes

The Spanish-Basque company BH can already look back on an exceptionally long history. Founded in 1909 as a family business by three Beistegui brothers, BH is today mainly known as a manufacturer of high-quality road and mountain bikes ("BH" = "Beistegui Hermanos" = "Beistegui brothers"). Since BH racing bikes have won numerous prestigious cycling races, the company has become internationally known. With the "Easy Motion" model series, BH also entered the booming e-bike market in 2008, and did so successfully. The company focuses particularly on sporty models such as e-race bikes and e-mountain bikes (enduro, trail, XC / down country). However, the product range also includes trekking and city e-bikes and even e-gravel bikes. As far as motors are concerned, BH mostly uses drives from other manufacturers such as Bosch, Shimano or Brose. In the meantime, however, the company also produces its own e-bike motors, which are used to equip some of its own pedelecs.

BH e-bike motors

The compact BH 2ESMAG motor has a magnesium housing and weighs just 2.2 kilograms. It has a torque of 65 Nm and is used, for example, in e-racing bikes such as the BH Core Carbon.

The BH 1E mid-motor has an even higher torque of 80 Nm in total and is used, for example, in e-cross and e-trekking bikes. The BH 2E, on the other hand, has a somewhat lower torque of 65 Nm and is used in BH e-city bikes and e-racing bikes.

Can BH e-bike motors be optimised?

Yes, even though the number of tuning solutions for BH e-bikes is currently still quite limited, there are already some tuning tools that can be used to optimise these vehicles.

Tuning solutions for BH e-bikes are available, for example, from the manufacturer MBIQ. You can buy these tuning tools cheaply in our shop.

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