Polini motors


About Polini

Polini is a well-known vehicle construction- and tuning-specialist from Italy. The company's origins date back to 1940 and Polini is particularly well known for the production of special- and tuning-parts, especially for scooters, light motorbikes & motorbikes - especially exhaust systems, clutches and cylinder kits. As these tuning products are primarily intended for racing, special emphasis is placed on robustness and durability. In addition to tuning products, Polini also produces its own engines ("Thor" series) as well as successful motorbikes, light motorbikes and pocket bikes.

Polini e-bike motors

In September 2016, Polini presented its first own e-bike drive system, the E-P3 motor (used e.g. in Bianchi e-bikes). It is a 250 Watt motor with 500 W peak power. It is supposed to fit practically all current bicycle models. Despite its light weight of 2.85 kg, the peak torque is no less than 70 Nm. There are five levels of assistance to choose from. The drive includes (of course) a battery (500 Wh) and a control unit with integrated LCD display.

In 2019, Polini presented an optimised version of the E-P3 drive, namely the Polini E-P3 MX. This new motor has been designed to meet the specific requirements of e-mountain bikes and the torque has been increased from 70 Nm to 90 Nm.

It is no wonder that Polini, as a tuning specialist, also produced or produces its own e-bike tuning tools. The "Polini Hi-Speed Module" was available for most common e-bike drives, including Bosch (Classic, Active, Performance, CX), Yamaha, Panasonic, Brose, Shimano STEPS - and even for the self-produced E-P3 motor. Polini was probably the first manufacturer to offer a tuning tool for its own e-bike motor!

Can Polini e-bike motors be optimised?

Yes. The "Polini Hi-Speed for Polini E-P3 motors" was for a long time the only tuning solution for Polini e-bike drives, but unfortunately this product is not allowed to be sold in Germany due to a missing CE number. Fortunately, there are now attractive tuning solutions from other manufacturers that are legally obtainable - e.g. the popular Badass Box is now also available in a version specifically for Polini E-P3 motors.