Pendix motors


About Pendix eDrive

Pendix eDrive systems are high-quality retrofit kits that can be used to upgrade conventional bicycles to motorised e-bikes. Pendix is compatible with almost all types of bicycle frames and gears, so the e-bike conversion kit can be used on almost any bicycle model, e.g. city- and trekkingbikes, mountainbikes and cargobikes, etc. The Pendix eDrive conversion kit is "Made in Germany" - the company is backed by Pendix GmbH from Zwickau.

Pendix motors

The classic Pendix eDrive drive is equipped with a powerful mid-mounted motor - to be precise, it is a brushless bottom bracket motor with 250 W of power (nominal) and a torque of 50 Nm. The system has 3 different riding modes (Eco, Smart & Sport), which can be selected via a switch above the battery. The powerful Sport mode supports the rider with an additional 200% to their own pedalling power, so that even steep climbs and headwinds should not be a problem. The maximum supported speed is 25 km/h. According to the manufacturer, the motor should score with a natural pedalling feel and there should be no pedalling resistance when the battery is switched off or empty. In addition, the system runs silently and is maintenance-free.

There are different versions of the Pendix eDrive kit, e.g. the "eDrive300" (300 Wh) with a range of 45-105 km, and the "eDrive500" (500 Wh / 50 Nm max. torque) with a range of 69-160 km. In the meantime, further variants have been added. An indicator light in different colours shows the current charge status of the battery. The batteries are removable lithium-ion batteries.

Can Pendix e-bike motors be optimised?

Yes, even for a conversion kit like Pendix eDrive, there are already recommended tuning options, e.g. from Badass Box.